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  • "This sustainable sock brand spins its own yarn—how’s that for a unique gift? Made from US-grown cotton and infused with US-produced silver (a natural antibacterial for feet), Silver Spun’s socks are as kind to the environment as they are for your feet."

    The Good Trade

  • "Most comfortable socks I have ever worn. Hands down."

    Tony Logan, GQ Contributor

  • "Got these socks in the mail two hours before going into labor. They’re seriously so comfy! I wore them the entire time I was in the hospital (and after!).”

  • "My mother's beloved socks give her a rash in the summer, so gosh knows what crap they're putting on them - and her SILVER SPUN socks don't! So bam, she just bought five more pairs and I bought two!"

  • “My feet feel like they’re still in bed!”

  • "I bought a pair for my wife and then figured, hey, maybe I'll try one, too. Best socks I ever wore! Incredibly soft and comfy, feels like I'm walking on a cloud!"

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