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9 Good Reasons Why You Need to Wear Socks in Summer

As sock enthusiasts, we understand that during summer you might want to set your feet free. Sandal weather is a great excuse to put your socks in the back drawer and let your feet breathe some fresh air. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! 


There are many reasons why wearing socks during summer is a good idea. Actually, it’s good for you and your feet—especially if you’re wearing cute socks  infused with pure silver 😏. 

With this blog, we’re welcoming the warmer months of the year. But because we love feet (we said it!), we’re also listing all the reasons welove wearing socks in the summertime. 

Socks go way beyond just a fashion accessory. They’re your feet’s supporters, giving you comfort, health benefits, and of course, good looks. 

What kinda benefits you might be asking? Well… Let’s get your toes wet! 

These Are 9 Reasons Why You Need a Good Pair of Summer Socks

Socks during summer? YES! It’s a thing—but we’re not just saying that. Doctors not only approve but encourage the use of the right socks in the summertime. Why? Well, here’s a small list of the many reasons you should wear socks—even when it’s warm. 

1. With the Right Socks, You Can Keep Your Feet Fresh

During the hottest months of the year, it might seem like more layers make the heat unbearable. But that’s actually false. Breathable, natural-fabric socks help your feet stay dry by wicking moisture away from your feet and into the air.  

 SilverSpun®, socks happen to be a staple for fresh feet…even in the summer. Silver is a temperature regulator—meaning your feet won’t overheat— avoiding sweat, bacteria, and funky smells.

2. The No Blister Experience 

You know the feeling… you’re walking around, enjoying the warm weather when you start to notice something… blisters. The most painful part of skipping socks! 

 Blisters can ruin anyone's day—especially if you’re on vacation or at work. Luckily, socks are a quick, easy way to prevent blisters from bothering you. Wearing socks prevents friction between your shoe and skin, keeping your skin from breaking out in blisters. 

 If you’re risking it, always keep a pair of SilverSpun® socks nearby. If blisters happen, put your socks on—silver is antibacterial and microbial, protecting your feet from infection. 

3. Sockless Shoe = Stinky Feet 🦨

Wearing socks helps to wick moisture away and keep your feet dry—which leads to better-smelling feet. And SilverSpun® socks are especially good at that. Silver’s antibacterial properties kill odor-causing bacteria, which keep your feet stink-free and fresh. All summer long. 

4. Socks and Sandals ARE fashionable

Vogue agrees with us that pairing your cute sandals with equally good-looking socks looks great. It gives your outfit a style boost while also making your sandals more comfortable to walk  in. 

 Celebrities and people from all walks of life are tapping into this trend. Plus, if you haven’t been able to give your feet a proper pedicure, socks will help you keep it a secret. Shhh. 💅🏽

5. City Gal? Socks Keep Your Feet Clean (and fresh) 

If you live in a city and you’re often walking around, jumping in and out of public transport, and visiting public places—you’ll love the summer sock trend. Not only is wearing socks more comfortable for your feet when walking a lot, but they also keep your feet clean. 

Wearing socks protects your feet from all the dust, dirt, and pollution that’s usually present in cities. Next time you go out without socks, notice how dirty your feet are afterward. Socks make a huge difference!  

6. No Weird Sun Tan on Your Feet 

We’ve all been there—after showing off your favorite sandals, your feet have that uneven tan and it might even hurt from the sunburn. Plus, many people forget that your feet need sunscreen too! 

Luckily, simply wearing socks it’s a layer of protection against harmful UV Rays on your skin. And can help even out the funny sandal tan you might have going on. 

7. Wearing Socks Every Day Keep Calluses Away 

If your feet are prone to calluses—the right pair of socks can help. A good pair of socks prevents chafing and friction that leads to cracked heels and dry skin. And sandals + high heels are one of the most common causes of calluses on your feet. 

If you’re dealing with calluses, SilverSpun® socks can help. 

8. Shorts and Crew Socks are a Thing 

A good pair of crew socks, sneakers (or sandals!), and shorts look great together. The socks add a touch of style to the outfit and easily help you elevate your look—try it out! 

9. They’re Life Savers When You Forgot to do Your Nails 

Happens to everyone… you’re ready to go out but you forgot to do your nails. And you might be a bit embarrassed to show your feet. You really shouldn’t be embarrassed—but wearing socks is an easy fix for those days. 


The Best Socks For Summer 

So, what kind of socks are the best for summer wear? These are a few things you should always look for when shopping for the best summer socks: 

  • Natural, breathable fabrics 
  • Moisture-wicking 
  • Temperature regulator 
  • Antibacterial + odor-control 

SilverSpun® socks checks all these boxes and more! They’re perfect to keep your feet fresh and stink-free on those hot summer days. Plus, we knit every single sock using American-grown natural fibers and pure silver—no synthetic dyes or toxic chemicals. 

Shop Summer-Perfect Socks → 

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