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The Best (And Healthiest) Socks for People With Diabetes


At Silver Spun Goods we strive to give you the tools (and socks) to keep your feet healthy and happy. People living with diabetes need to give extra care and love to their feet—and our socks are one of your best allies in doing that. 

The silver-infused yarn in our socks has many health benefits. And they’re backed by science. But they’re especially helpful for people living with diabetes. 

In this blog, we’re sharing with you what are diabetic socks, why it’s important to wear the right ones, and how our silver-infused socks help your feet stay healthy and happy. 

Let’s dive in!

What Are Diabetic Socks? 

Diabetic socks are socks designed to help people living with diabetes in keeping their feet healthy. This type of sock has important features that regular socks don’t have. Some of these features are improved circulation, temperature control, and antimicrobial properties. 

Choosing the right socks is vital for people with diabetes, as they help you protect your feet from injury and keep them healthy. 

Why Diabetic Socks Matter 

If you’re living with diabetes, you must take extra care of your feet. A small cut or injury could lead to something more serious if unattended. Plus, there are other risks that come with diabetes—like neuropathy (or nerve damage). For diabetics, neuropathy usually shows up in their feet. 

People with diabetes experience high blood sugar or hyperglycemia, which can damage the circulatory system. This can affect your body’s capability to recover from wounds since circulation plays a vital role. It can also lead to nerve damage, a lack of sensation in your feet, and a risk of injury. 

This is where diabetic socks play an important role. A good pair of diabetic socks keep your blood flowing, your feet dry and clean, and boost your feet’s health. 

What Should You Look For When Buying Diabetic Socks? 

Diabetic socks do a series of things that support your feet’s health. Ultimately, the most important feature of a pair of socks for diabetes is that it works for your unique needs. If you’re in need of better blood flow, focus on that as a priority when choosing your socks. 

Always consult your doctor for guidance on proper foot care. And make sure that you’re feeling comfortable with the socks that you choose. 

When it comes to socks for diabetes, not all are created equal. These are a few things to consider when choosing the best diabetic socks for you: 

Socks that help blood flow

Good circulation on your feet is essential to keeping them in good shape. And the wrong socks can actually affect your blood flow—especially if they’re too tight. 

When shopping for diabetic socks, make sure the socks actually help in keeping a good blood flow—like our SilverSpun® Socks do. Silver has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that boost your feet’s blood flow.

Antibacterial + antimicrobial 

People living with diabetes need to go the extra mile to keep their feet free from fungi and bacteria. Luckily, going the extra mile is easy with the silver technology of our socks! 

The right diabetic sock has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. And SilverSpun® Socks have both. Our socks are antimicrobial, helping your feet stay germ-free. The antibacterial properties kill odor-causing bacteria. That means you get stink-free feet along with all the antibacterial properties! But that’s just an extra perk.

Keep your feet dry (aka moisture wicking) 

Keeping your feet dry is another way to keep bacteria out of your socks and feet. But most socks give bacteria everything they need to thrive— heat and moisture. When choosing the right diabetic sock, you need to make sure they’re moisture-wicking. 

Unlike regular socks, moisture-wicking socks allow your feet to breathe and help in keeping them dry. SilverSpun Socks® inhibit bacteria by regulating heat and keeping your feet dry and fresh.

Temperature Control 

Bacteria thrives in humid, hot environments and without the right socks, your feet are a powerhouse for both. This is where SilverSpun® Socks stand out—silver conducts and reflects heat. This means that your feet stay warm in the winter and cool and fresh in the summer (without overheating). 

Kind to Your Skin

Your feet deserve top-quality ingredients and chemical-free fabrics—especially if you’ve developed symptoms on your feet because of diabetes. The right socksnever use nasty chemicals and toxic dyes. 

That’s why our socks are crafted using only the finest and comfiest fabrics—like super-soft American-grown cotton. We also designed our socks with an outer toe seam to avoid rubbing and chafing. No toxic chemicals in our socks! 

Do You Need to Wear Diabetic Socks Every Day? 

It depends. Every person and case is unique, therefore your needs are too! If you’re having certain symptoms that affect your feet, like nerve damage, you should wear diabetic socks regularly. Always consult with a professional to see what’s best for you. 

If you haven’t developed any symptoms that are affecting your feet, you can still wear diabetic socks whenever you want as prevention. After all, these types of socks help your feet stay as healthy as possible. 

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You Don’t Have to Compromise Style to Keep Your Feet Healthy! 

SilverSpun® Socks have plenty of health benefits for your feet but there is one perk that makes our socks truly stand out. You don’t have to settle for ugly socks to keep your feet healthy

Honestly, why should you? Keeping your feet healthy shouldn’t come at the expense of looking and feeling good. That’s why our socks give you the best of both worlds—style and health. 

SilverSpun® Socks are always:

  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial
  • Temperature regulators
  • Stylish 
  • Stink-free
  • Good for blood flow 
  • Moisture-wicking 
  • Free of toxic chemicals (we use natural, plant-based dyes) 
  • Infused with pure silver in every single stitch 

Style and wellness knit into a pair of socks. 

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