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Why is yarn spun with silver the best ingredient for socks?

As surprising as it might sound, pure silver is the prime ingredient in all of our cozy warm socks. And yes, it’s the same silver you’ll find in fine jewelry. But why do we spin our yarns with threads of pure silver? In this blog, we’ll explain the benefits of silver and why it’s the most important ingredient in our entire sock collection.

Silver has many beneficial properties for promoting healthy, well-cared for, and yes, good-smelling feet. At SILVER SPUN® GOODS we embrace those benefits to create the ultimate sock experience. Before we jump into those amazing benefits, let’s cover the basics first.

What is yarn spun with silver?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: yarn infused with pure silver, and its properties are quite incredible. At SILVER SPUN® GOODS, we infuse 100% pure silver into our buttery soft American-grown cotton and recycled fibers— creating a unique, soft feel that keeps your feet healthy, clean, and feeling good.

We’re not the first ones to use silver for its healing properties. Its use goes way back. Silver’s medicinal qualities have been used since 400BC to treat wounds, burns, and infections.

Even Egyptians coated the inside of water barrels with silver to keep water fresh and clean. With the invention of antibiotics, silver took a backseat in medicine, but its beneficial properties have always been there, waiting to be re-discovered.

At SILVER SPUN® GOODS we’re using these forgotten properties to create the best socks on the market.

5 Reasons Why Silver Makes an Outstanding Ingredient for Socks:


  • Its antimicrobial qualities help in keeping your feet germ-free, allowing for healthier and better feeling feet.
  • Its antibacterial properties kill odor-causing bacteria making for a stink-free sock.
  • Silver conducts and reflects heat. This means that our socks keep your feet warm and cozy without overheating them.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help to keep your feet from swelling and promote healthy blood flow. ²
  • Regular socks give bacteria everything they need to thrive— heat and moisture. Our socks do the opposite— inhibit bacteria by regulating heat and keeping your feet dry and fresh.

Simply by wearing our SilverSpun® socks spun with pure silver, you’re giving your feet a healthy refresh!

Why are all our products crafted using yarn spun with silver?

Why would a sock infused with pure silver make your feet feel better? You might only know silver as the precious metal used in jewelry, but it’s much more than that. There are many underrated and underused properties in silver— and we’re shining a light on them to help you tap into these benefits yourself.

1.  Finally— stink-free feet!

You read that right… Our silver-infused socks keep your feet clean and odorless. Even in the midst of hot summer days. But how?

As we mentioned before, silver is antibacterial. When you wear it on your feet it inhibits the bacteria that cause your feet to stink. And the best part? You don’t have to wash them after every use. Our SilverSpun® yarn keeps your socks fresh wear after wear, making for fewer washes. Less washing means your socks will last longer. In fact, we have a customer who has told us they’ve worn our SilverSpun® socks for three months before washing them! 

What sets our socks apart from our competitors? Pure silver is infused into every single stitch of the sock— from ankles to toes. This keeps both your feet and your socks smelling good.

2.  The Warmest and Coolest Socks

Another unique perk of our SilverSpun® socks is that they keep your feet warm and cozy in the winter, but they’re also a staple for keeping them cool in the summer. Silver regulates temperature and conducts heat. This means that your feet won’t overheat— avoiding sweat, bacteria, and funky smells.

Plus, silver reflects your body’s heat back to itself and keeps the warmness of your feet contained for hours on end. Why? Because silver has one of the lowest radiant heat loss rates!

SilverSpun® socks can be worn year around because they stay fresh in the summer and warm in the winter.

3.  Ideal for People with Diabetes

Our SilverSpun® socks are great in helping people with diabetes keep their feet free from infection and healthy. Your feet are special, and they need something special to keep them in tip-top shape. Our socks assist in helping to keep foot ulcer wounds from getting infected. Wearing them while healing helps to keep germs at bay.

Unlike conventional socks that are a powerhouse for bacteria and microbes, ours keep your feet germ and bacteria-free. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties ease your feet from swelling and itching. Research shows that wearing socks spun with silver also helps improve circulation.

Did we mention they’re super comfortable too?

4.  Kind to Your Feet and The Planet

Our socks are consciously crafted to be kind to you, your feet, and the planet. We do it by using only the softest US-grown cotton. Our North Carolina sourced cotton is grown near the mill where we craft our socks allowing us to support local communities and sustainable manufacturing.

Your feet also get only 100% natural dyes— using zero chemicals. This gives our socks a beautiful color without the toxic chemicals polluting water, soil, and air. We’ve partnered with Green Matters Natural Dye Company, who naturally and beautifully dye all our socks using plant-based, sustainable ingredients on their farm in Pennsylvania.

Striving to do our small part in supporting circular fashion, our Signature collection features recycled fibers. We are partnered with a family-run business that has been transforming textile waste into high quality recycled fibers for over 60 years, and uses no water or chemicals in the process.

We’re woman-owned and led, community-conscious, eco-friendly, and kind all around. A small passion project doing big things for you and your feet.

Give your feet a clean break!

Your feet do incredible things for you— they take you places, run with you, walk, climb mountains, and much more. It’s time to treat them right with a product designed to make your feet feel their absolute best.

And taking your shoes off in front of people doesn’t have to be embarrassing anymore, because your feet won’t be the stinky ones.

Treat your feet right. Shop for our SILVER SPUN® GOODS socks here.



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