Our Story

Through her curiosity and love of knitting, Laurie Gonyea discovered the magical and therapeutic properties of yarn spun with pure silver. However, this extraordinary material was not being produced in the US for the hand knitting market.  Laurie set out to change that.

In 2013, Laurie teamed up with North Carolina State University to produce the first hand knitting yarn in the US using US-grown cotton and pure silver, and called it Silver Spun®. Together, they created a revolutionary yarn that is as warm as wool, soft as butter, kills odor causing germs, and conducts energy.

For six years Silver Spun® was only available to knitters, but Laurie always had bigger plans for her yarn.  She wanted to make the therapeutic qualities of this yarn available to everyone. The result is a collection of modern, elevated essentials that are kind to your skin and the world around you. Each collection is designed and made in the US, infused with pure silver throughout the pieces and is produced in limited runs.


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